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Our name is Bre and PJ Barber. We love pottery and we love our community! Our goal is to use the space and tools we have to have a positive impact on the community around us through providing a therapeutic outlet and equipping the more vulnerable populations with a skill. As we grow, we know that this passion will only start taking a larger role in what we do!  

Bre has always loved all art forms, but dove into pottery her last year of college as a way to fulfill her need for three more credit hours in order to graduate and fell in love! She does a lot of custom orders and detail work with underglaze! 

PJ has always appreciated art, but did not love making it until he found pottery! He loves the form required in order to make things on the wheel and the science required to make specific glazes and use other techniques! 

Together, it is our pleasure to serve you and help equip you to do pottery in the studio or in your own home! Everything we do in the studio is done intentionally so that we can better partner with organizations that are already doing good in the community and serve them!

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