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Art for the sake of art has never been my thing – art in its best form (in my opinion) reveals beauty, truth, sadness, promotes justice, brings understanding or healing, and provokes different thought in different people, etc. 

This is the beginning of a new series. One that starts with my story and ends with a meeting with Christ, much like the story of Hagar in the Bible who is depicted on the first mug in this series. You see, I was raped when I was five by an unknown male and carried that around with me for years before anyone knew… but I also met Christ when I was five in an incredible moment, who carried me through all of the pain and suffering and still does. Any type of suffering in the midst of a Good God is HARD, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that He is good because I met Him and He keeps saving me… seriously, I am a mess and He is still here!

I don’t know what you have carried through your life, and I would never dare to put a band aid statement over some of the things we carry that are so horrible, but as someone who has carried horrible things, and been carried through those same horrible things, I promise there is a God who sees you. He will carry you, too, if you want Him to.

So here is the Jesus Mug Series, each with different stories showing the God of compassion. And if you need a friend in the suffering… I am here.

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